Bar Code System – History and Uses

There has been a need for a certain system that would act as a product identifier since 1948. Of course, the product has to have a certain identification symbol (be it a number, code, letter, etc.) for it to be read by a system in which at that time was still in the process of being invented.

What was the initial reason why the bar code system was invented? The main reason was of course the exact reason why we are using it right now. We need a system that could identify a product and read the product’s information for an easier way of checking in and out of products from an inventory room. Well yes, it was basically for inventory purposes which a major task is done in every store or a business in a retail market. To make these tasks of doing an itemized report daily, bar code equipment was invented.

Back in the old days, bar code equipment was used only by large supermarkets and malls. But since small retail stores are sprouting anywhere nowadays, manufacturers have made bar code equipment more affordable and less difficult to install.

To complete the bar code system, a bar code scanner, a computer, probably a database of products and an object that has bar code are all you need.

A few establishments are practicing the use of bar code equipment. Each of these companies uses different types of bar code equipment depending on their need, purpose, nature of their product and business. Schools use bar code equipment to track employee attendance; libraries use bar code scanners to check books’ ISBNs and more. While in a business like supermarkets, it is mainly used to avoid shopliftings. In hospitals, patients wear bracelets with barcodes. Once the scanner is placed on the bar code, it will show information about the patient on a computer. Tickets when attending a Michael Jackson show may also have bar codes.

Bar Code Equipment – Types and Best Features

There are so many bar code equipment and ideas available today. We have the bar code scanner, bar code user interface, bar/matrix code symbologies decoded, bar code printers, bar code software, bar code decoders, and bar code cards.

Some bar code companies also offer bar code system services such as marking and engraving equipment, label and nameplate services, laser marking and laser engraving services.

This site will walk you through identifying and understanding this equipment. Later on, added features about bar code scanners will be discussed at the end of this post.

First are the various types of bar code scanners. There are various types of bar code scanners. There is the slot card bar code scanner which reads bar codes imprinted on cards. A fixed mount bar code scanner reads codes without moving. They are mainly placed on a fixed location. Handheld bar code scanner is the most common scanner seen on many supermarkets and small business stores.

Bar code printers simply print the bar code as an output.

Services such as marking and engraving equipment are very much needed. If we don’t have bar code engravers then we won’t have anything to scan. Such services can be acquired online. Many bar code companies have introduced or sold their products and services online.

Now for the bar code equipment features, the most important bar code device would be the scanner. Since most of us have our own small businesses, the hand-held bar code scanner would be the most appropriate one. It is mostly cheap you would be shocked with the price posted on online stores like Amazon.

Anyway, there are I believe two major types of hand-held bar code scanner, one is the contact bar code scanner and the other one is the laser bar code scanner. If you say contact, then that means the object with bar code has to touch or has to be an inch nearer to the scanner, while the laser scanner can be placed inches away from the bar code.

Now most small businesses would be those which sell products such as books and DVDs. Scanners basically performs the inventory part of those types of businesses. On the other hand, you can create a database of products with the help of the scanner.

There is certain hand-held scanner that has to have certain software or drivers to be installed to use them. On the other hand, we have the plug and play scanners. These plug and play scanners are available at the right reasonable price. All you need to do is a USB cord, connect it from the scanner to a USB port of your computer and you can start using it. The good thing about this plug and play scanner is that you have the option to configure it to your own likes as well. There are no common issues about using these plug and play bar code scanners so you might want to buy them. They are extremely durable and sturdy. You don’t need to think twice about using them because once you have them it will start working like magic you wouldn’t want to stop working on your product. It’ll make your business easier to handle and you can work in a fast-paced.

Ccd Contact Barcode Scanner USB Light Rugged Design Black

bar code equipment

If you are to start a business you must make sure that you are able to check on your product details in a flash and keep track of which product is sold and how many products are sold for a day.

Some people who are already in a business such as DVD movies for rent stores, bookstore or library and convenience stores need a certain device that will be able to monitor their products efficiently and accurately.

I have been thinking about buying a scanner for my store since I’ve heard that scanners nowadays are quite affordable and easy to install.

Some people thought that it is quite difficult to set up bar code scanners but today scanners are produced in a way that it’ll be easier for anyone to set up scanners in a small store.


Products that “Ccd Contact Barcode Scanner USB Light Rugged Design Black” can scan are books’ ISBN, DVD barcodes, ordinary barcodes and even mutilated product barcodes.

Here are some of the this scanner’s product specifications and features:

1. USB model

2. Installation Booklet

3. USB cable (no other cable used)

4. Plug and Play scanner

5. Contact Scanner type

6. Personalized Scanner Configuration

The physical attribute of this scanner is good enough since it has a rubber handle to avoid your hand from slipping from the scanner handle.

It is basically a plug and play device. That means you need not install any software to start using the scanner. You do have the option to configure your scanner so that you can decide on which song to play when the scanner scans a bar code or you could have it in silent mode. There are other options in using the bar code scanner. You have the manual to guide you on how to personalize your scanner.

The scanner uses a USB cable to connect it to a computer. When the scanner scans a bar code it updates the database of product details on your computer. If a certain object or bar code is non-existent on your database it would still give you the bar code details of that certain object so that you would have the option to add another product on your computer database.

Just a reminder though about the scanners ability to scan bar code. It is a contact scanner so that means that the scanner should touch the bar code to be able to get a result from the scanner.

I highly recommend this product to all store owners big or small especially the micro-store owners. This product will really help in inventory tasks inside a store and it will make things easier and efficient inside a store.

Wasp 633808402006 WPL305 Desktop Barcode Printer

The most important bar code equipment would have to be the scanner. Oh, wait–the bar code printer.  Indeed, you need a printer to print on the bar code and then a scanner to scan the printed bar code.

In this post, I will be discussing a bar code printer which is probably the easiest to use since most bar code printers are quite difficult to use. You will need the guiding manual to properly operate on this bar code printer. No, that is okay. Trust me, this is the easiest bar code printer you could get. The bar code printer that is the most lightweight bar code printer there is the Wasp 633808402006 WPL305 Desktop Barcode Printer

A few bar code printer users have already complained about the usability of this bar code printer. Most people are quite used to using the plug and play scanner that they find the bar code printer a bit too difficult to use. Well, basically it acts just like your old Epson printer only that you need to change some settings on your bar code printer software window and read a few lines from the user’s manual.

The physical appearance of this bar code printer is probably the easiest on the eyes and the  least bulky bar code printer. It does not take up much space on your desk.


The bar code printer is responsible for the printing or producing a bar code label for business or home mechandise use. Let us check on how proper and how clear the bar code label is produced by this bar code printer.  As you can see on the picture above, the bar code printer produces clear bar code that can be read using any type of bar code scanner you have. You can also choose all types of bar codes and fonts.

It has a good printing speed, printing 5 inches of barcode labels per second. Unlike most bar code printers or label printers, the Wasp Barcode Printer includes a user-friendly computer application compatible with any type of desktop computers, laptops, and operating systems. It is almost a plug and play device. All you need to do is to insert the printer cable unto your desktop and do a few software configurations and you cans start printing a bar code label. Other features are additional ethernet ports and memory cards.

Symbol Barcode Scanner

Symbol is the name of the company which provides excellent bar code products and services to large companies and enterprises. If I am not mistaken, Symbol was recently integrated with the Motorola company.

Symbol has been the leading barcode services provider. The product and bar code equipment made from this company is highly appreciated and well-regarded by most people.

The most famous products from Symbol are probably the Symbol scanners which come in different forms and use.

The Symbol scanners are divided into three groups according to how and where they are used.

1. Industrialized Barcode Scanners
2. Commercialized Barcode Scanners
3. Residential Barcode Scanners

The industrialized barcode scanners are known for its sturdiness.It has the resiliency and power to put up a heavy work load. This type of barcode scanner is ideal for warehouse purposes.

The commercialized barcode scanners are the most widely used bar code scanners. You can see them in schools, institutions, companies, and supermarkets. These barcode scanners can scan both ordinary one-dimensional barcodes as well as ISBNs of published books. It is also used to scan employee’s IDs.

Lastly, the residential barcode scanner is much like the commercialized barcode scanner. Yesterday, barcode scanners weren’t available for home use or small businesses. They were also not as user-friendly. However, today are available for use in any type of businesses (for medical purposes, pharmacy, hospital use, finance and banking and other ordinary inventory use).

Barcode scanners may be placed on a desk. It could also be handheld. It can be wall-mounted. It can be wired or wireless. It can be one-dimensional or two-dimensional. It can work with different operating systems and is usually lightweight for easier use.

Other than the barcode scanners, Symbol has the barcode printers and barcode printing services as well. They also provide different barcode accessories such as stickers and printer’s ink and inventory applications.

2D Barcode Scanner

2D barcodes are quite different from one dimensional barcodes. 1D barcodes are thin vertical lines that goes wider as more information is stored. On the other hand, 2D barcodes are two-dimensional barcpdes that stores data in two dimensions.

The 2D barcodes look like overlapping vertical and horizontal lines creating a sort of chess board of perpendicular lines since vertical and horizontal lines are crossed.

To read 2D barcode, a 2D barcode scanner is required.

2D Barcode Scanner Technology

The 2D barcode scanner technology uses the CCD and imaging technology at once. Since there two dimensions to decode, a 2D barcode scanner reads a 2D barcode using CCD and imaging technology in a split second.

The CCD technology uses sensors to detect light reflexes to decode the 2D barcode scanner.

On the other hand, the imaging technology simply somewhat takes a photo of the barcode using a built-in camera in a 2D barcode scanner.

Benefits of 2D Barcode Scanners

2D barcode scanners are important since some products or objects uses 2D barcode instead of the common vertical lined bar code that is what we called the one-dimensional barcode. Moreover, 2D barcodes are essential to some companies to allow them to store more data.

The 2D barcode scanner is convenient and has the same physical look as that of an ordinary bar code scanner. The only difference probably are the technologies used to read a barcode.

Just like other barcodes, the 2D barcode scanners can read even the most dilapidated barcode. It can be a hand-held scanner, wall-mounted, standing or desktop scanner.

It can also be used while it is directly connected to a power source or with a rechargeable battery. It could have a wireless technology if it is bluetooth enabled or it could be connected to a computer using a USB device which is the most popular.

The device where the 2D barcode scanner is connected to has the appropriate software to record the readings of the scanner and translate it into a valuable information.

Bar Code Equipment

Top 5 Questions About Bar Code Equipment:

  1. Which company is the leading provider and manufacturer of bar code equipment?
  2. What type of bar code services do they provide?
  3. What are examples of bar code equipment?
  4. Which bar code equipment will suit my store or company?
  5. What are the uses and features bar code equipment?

We will answer the questions aforementioned and other questions which you might have about bar code equipment. We list all leading bar code companies and services.

Bar code services includes bar code software, bar code printing services and many more.

We also provide various bar code equipment from scanners to printers to softwares needed to run your business.

Most people in the past did not think about looking to get a bar code equipment for their small stores or business. But as years go by, bar code equipment has become even more accessible and easier to install. In fact, most bar code equipment can be self-installed.

Scanners that should suit your business vary. You may want to install one of the following categories of Symbol Barcode Scanners:

  1. Commercial Bar code Scanners: Commercial scanners are mostly used in many supermarkets and macro-stores. They can be a hand scanner or a wall-mounted scanner. Some also employ desktop scanners.
  2. Industrial or Warehouse Scanners: These scanner are best suited for heavy equipment scanning. These scanners are strongly built to be able to handle heavy scanning activities.
  3. Residential Scanners: These scanners are currently made to help home-business owners. These are usually self-installed and lightweight. They can be a plug and play device to ease the owner during installations.
  4. Two-Dimensional Barcode Scanners

Here are two of the most widely-used bar code equipment:

Bar Code Printer:

Bar Code Printer

Big Companies employ a bar code printer to personalized the style and shape of the bar codes on their products or merchandise. It may be used to provide employees probationary identification IDs.

Bar Code Scanner:

Bar Code Scanner

This is the simplest and most affordable scanner ideal for home use. This is actually the best selling scanner in most online shopping websites. Check out this contact bar code scanner for its specifications.