2D Barcode Scanner

2D barcodes are quite different from one dimensional barcodes. 1D barcodes are thin vertical lines that goes wider as more information is stored. On the other hand, 2D barcodes are two-dimensional barcpdes that stores data in two dimensions.

The 2D barcodes look like overlapping vertical and horizontal lines creating a sort of chess board of perpendicular lines since vertical and horizontal lines are crossed.

To read 2D barcode, a 2D barcode scanner is required.

2D Barcode Scanner Technology

The 2D barcode scanner technology uses the CCD and imaging technology at once. Since there two dimensions to decode, a 2D barcode scanner reads a 2D barcode using CCD and imaging technology in a split second.

The CCD technology uses sensors to detect light reflexes to decode the 2D barcode scanner.

On the other hand, the imaging technology simply somewhat takes a photo of the barcode using a built-in camera in a 2D barcode scanner.

Benefits of 2D Barcode Scanners

2D barcode scanners are important since some products or objects uses 2D barcode instead of the common vertical lined bar code that is what we called the one-dimensional barcode. Moreover, 2D barcodes are essential to some companies to allow them to store more data.

The 2D barcode scanner is convenient and has the same physical look as that of an ordinary bar code scanner. The only difference probably are the technologies used to read a barcode.

Just like other barcodes, the 2D barcode scanners can read even the most dilapidated barcode. It can be a hand-held scanner, wall-mounted, standing or desktop scanner.

It can also be used while it is directly connected to a power source or with a rechargeable battery. It could have a wireless technology if it is bluetooth enabled or it could be connected to a computer using a USB device which is the most popular.

The device where the 2D barcode scanner is connected to has the appropriate software to record the readings of the scanner and translate it into a valuable information.

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