Bar Code System – History and Uses

There has been a need for a certain system that would act as a product identifier since 1948. Of course, the product has to have a certain identification symbol (be it a number, code, letter, etc.) for it to be read by a system in which at that time was still in the process of being invented.

What was the initial reason why the bar code system was invented? The main reason was of course the exact reason why we are using it right now. We need a system that could identify a product and read the product’s information for an easier way of checking in and out of products from an inventory room. Well yes, it was basically for inventory purposes which a major task is done in every store or a business in a retail market. To make these tasks of doing an itemized report daily, bar code equipment was invented.

Back in the old days, bar code equipment was used only by large supermarkets and malls. But since small retail stores are sprouting anywhere nowadays, manufacturers have made bar code equipment more affordable and less difficult to install.

To complete the bar code system, a bar code scanner, a computer, probably a database of products and an object that has bar code are all you need.

A few establishments are practicing the use of bar code equipment. Each of these companies uses different types of bar code equipment depending on their need, purpose, nature of their product and business. Schools use bar code equipment to track employee attendance; libraries use bar code scanners to check books’ ISBNs and more. While in a business like supermarkets, it is mainly used to avoid shopliftings. In hospitals, patients wear bracelets with barcodes. Once the scanner is placed on the bar code, it will show information about the patient on a computer. Tickets when attending a Michael Jackson show may also have bar codes.

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