Ccd Contact Barcode Scanner USB Light Rugged Design Black

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If you are to start a business you must make sure that you are able to check on your product details in a flash and keep track of which product is sold and how many products are sold for a day.

Some people who are already in a business such as DVD movies for rent stores, bookstore or library and convenience stores need a certain device that will be able to monitor their products efficiently and accurately.

I have been thinking about buying a scanner for my store since I’ve heard that scanners nowadays are quite affordable and easy to install.

Some people thought that it is quite difficult to set up bar code scanners but today scanners are produced in a way that it’ll be easier for anyone to set up scanners in a small store.


Products that “Ccd Contact Barcode Scanner USB Light Rugged Design Black” can scan are books’ ISBN, DVD barcodes, ordinary barcodes and even mutilated product barcodes.

Here are some of the this scanner’s product specifications and features:

1. USB model

2. Installation Booklet

3. USB cable (no other cable used)

4. Plug and Play scanner

5. Contact Scanner type

6. Personalized Scanner Configuration

The physical attribute of this scanner is good enough since it has a rubber handle to avoid your hand from slipping from the scanner handle.

It is basically a plug and play device. That means you need not install any software to start using the scanner. You do have the option to configure your scanner so that you can decide on which song to play when the scanner scans a bar code or you could have it in silent mode. There are other options in using the bar code scanner. You have the manual to guide you on how to personalize your scanner.

The scanner uses a USB cable to connect it to a computer. When the scanner scans a bar code it updates the database of product details on your computer. If a certain object or bar code is non-existent on your database it would still give you the bar code details of that certain object so that you would have the option to add another product on your computer database.

Just a reminder though about the scanners ability to scan bar code. It is a contact scanner so that means that the scanner should touch the bar code to be able to get a result from the scanner.

I highly recommend this product to all store owners big or small especially the micro-store owners. This product will really help in inventory tasks inside a store and it will make things easier and efficient inside a store.

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